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Outstanding question, you photo connoisseur. Let me break it to you this way. The Motion Booth is a cutting edge, open concept booth that is social by nature. When guests, business partners, classmates or your mom, see the Motion Booth for the first time they suddenly lose all inhibition and put their hands in the air like they just don’t care. We HIGHLY encourage activities that make school dance chaperones nervous: jumping, running, fake punching, hand stands, chest bumping, butt slapping, and outdated choreographed dances like that one Souljah Boy song.
Gas prices are so 2005. The Motion Booth package has a generous 50 miles roundtrip included. However, if you’re outside of that region, don’t worry. Contact us with your GPS coordinates and we’ll create a custom quote for you.
After taking photos everyone will be jealous of, you can print up to 4 images on a 4×6 print. Each print will include the custom banner for your event, whether its your 23rd college dorm floor reunion or Uncle Todd’s second bachelor party.
Looking to add a little flavor to your event, huh!? Our inventory of backdrops are continually growing, currently we have white, grey, sparkly orange, mint polka dots, red chevron or white lace. If you’re looking for something different, I’m sure we can come up with something to fit your taste.  
Like that really popular streaming video company with a red logo or that Italian place with amazing breadsticks, the Motion Booth is a company that lives by unlimited. Shoot a photo. Print. Repeat. All night long.
The Motion Booth thrives in places with loud music, sweet but not too spicy food, and, most importantly, people celebrating. That could be weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, school dances, awkward distant family holiday get togethers, or wild baby showers. If more than two people are there, we’ll be there.
We thought you would never ask. Send us an email with what you’re thinking and we’ll figure out the details to “Late Night with the Motion Booth.”
Your photos, which are destined to go viral, will be available online within one week of your event. Download. Share. Repeat. For free. You’re welcome.
We respect the Maker Movement but avoid physical scrapbooks.
Each package is specially designed to fit your needs. However, our base rate starts at $1000. For additional information head over to our contact page.
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